Yamaha r15 v2 error code 46

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Of course, 46 belongs to Rossi and will surprise us with a comeback. I have heard people talk about it, seen people have it but never experienced it and felt escaped. And on one already bad morning, turned my bike ON to welcome a non invited guest, the error code Personally, use my bike rarely so thought battery should be the culprit, to add more sense to my suspicion the battery was also 4 years old, and the last time I started my bike I remembered the bike to struggle to start-up.

yamaha r15 v2 error code 46

And now after the error code 46, the bike only push starts plus the service manual suggests to replace the battery as one the option to solve the error code So me being super broke, decided to try these methods that I found from various online sources before going to final and unfortunate option of replacing the battery or RR unit or the fuel injector! It is also important to try these methods before you actually replace any of the spares. Cause, not checking the things below is the reason why the error code 46 might creep up over and over again and the usual solution from the Yamaha service guys is to blindly replace the RR unit which costs around Rs every time this issue comes up without diagnosing the actual culprit.

Things to check: Battery voltage, Battery terminal for corrosion, Might over charge or under charge the system Ground connection. Fuse Fuel infector coupler for misfits and loose connections RR unit terminals. Took the battery out and checked it with a multimeter and It showed the usual Then wondered why the bike only push started, and came to know that everyone who had error code 46 or any other error code were only able to stat their bike by pushing it.

Any how, me, strongly believing the battery to be the culprit took it to the local battery shop for recharging. The guy there checked the battery and said battery has full power, your bike has some other problem. Still wasn't convinced, and was also desperate for a 5ah battery upgrade so changed the battery, initially after changing the battery from the Amaron pit stop, the bike didn't show any errors and started at the first crank.Page of 58 Go.

Quick Links. Table of Contents. Any reprinting or unauthorized use without the written permission of Yamaha Motor Co. Printed in Japan. When you are 6. Applicable Serial No. Applicable Starting Serial No. Frame Serial No. Engine Serial No.

Serial No. Page 8 FIG. Page 9: Valve FIG. Page Intake FIG. Page 15 FIG. Page Exhaust FIG. Page Crankcase FIG. Page Starter FIG. Page Clutch FIG. Page 22 FIG. Page Transmission FIG. Page 24 FIG. Page Frame FIG. Page Fender FIG. Page 30 FIG. Page 31 FIG. Page Steering FIG.Also See for FZ Assembly manual - 42 pages. Page of Go. Page - Symptom: The signals received from the s Page - Checking the status of sockets of bulbs Page Page Page - Checking the relays Page - Starter cut relay Page - Checking the spark plug hood Page - Verification of the distance between spa Quick Links.

Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting 53 Ignition system troubleshooting Electric starting system troubleshooting Charging system troubleshooting Lighting system troubleshooting Signalling system troubleshooting Troubleshooting details Yamaha fz 3c15 iindonesia parts catalogue 58 pages.

Page 3 The repairs and maintenance performed by a person who lacks such knowledge that the vehicle will probably not be secure and fit for use. Yamaha Motor India Pvt Ltd. All Yamaha authorized dealers will be informed of any amendments and changes substantial occur in specifications or procedures, and these are included in future editions of this manual, when necessary.

Includes explanations of all installation, removal, disassembly, assembly, repair, and testing procedures are set out in individual steps in sequential order. The manual is divided into chapters and each chapter is divided into sections.

Page 5 1. Liquid fill The following symbols are used in this manual 3.

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Lubricant to facilitate understanding. Torque The following symbols are not relevant to 6. Wear limit, tolerance each vehicle. NOTE: Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Multi-function display 2.

yamaha r15 v2 error code 46

Page Replacement Parts 5. Keep all parts away from any fire source. Use oil and grease recommended by Yamaha, for all lubrication services. Other brands may be similar in function and appearance, but When installing oil seals "1", lubricate the edges of oil seals with a thin layer of grease lithium soap base. In the bearings, apply oil, if requested. Use only the appropriate special tools, which will help to prevent damage by the use of inappropriate tools or improvised techniques.

Tool to install the crankshaft spacer. Tool to remove the crankshaft. Page 16 Tool No. Multimeter ThEste instrument is used to check the circuits or electrical components. Yamaha Adhesive No.

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Loctite Three Bond This adhesive is used to provide greater resistance to Torx screws for adjustment. Torque specifications Tightening of the components or assemblies Special mentioned in each chapter this manual. To prevent distortion, cross-clamping assemblies with several fastening points, in progressive stages, until the specified torque.My R15 engine problem yellow light glow no blinking today, then the bike starts to miss and it losses power, the dashboard light was bit flickering and my headlight become very dim, i stop and it wont start anymore, it cannot even run the self start motor.

The engine warning light blink again indicating error Then i did a running start in 2nd gear and managed to get home with headlight off.

What would be the problem, does anybody face this problem before and i would be thankful, if you share how you fix it or what the problem is. Time to troubleshoot your electrics. I would check the obvious stuff first, like loose and corroded connections, the battery resting and charging volts, and the grounds. Don't know what voltage, resistance, and grounds are, or anything about electricity? Don't have a shop manual?

Don't have a DMM? Unwilling to learn? Take it to a mc mechanic. Since the battery is also failing I would guess that your charging system is not functioning correctly. Find what error code 46 means. Replace the battery and see if the issue goes away. If not, check the charging system. Sounds like a battery 'load test' time. Charge it up or have a shop do it and load-testednewer batteries are POS unless you buy higher quality.

If you do a lot of starts and a lot of short trips, your battery may be shot already.

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Most motorcycle batteries are not high-cycle batteries and don't stand up well to that kind of use. At least remove it and put it on a trickle charger for 12 hours.

If things don't improve you may need to replace the battery. My battery is not even a year old. My coolent was changed a month ago. And the radiator fan works well. I dont put any lights mod. Everything is stock. Answer Save. David 14 Lv 7. Exoplanet Lv 7. Tim D Lv 7. Error code 46 means there is abnormal supply to the fuel injection system. What do you think of the answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. Candid Chris Lv 7.

Battery related problem in yamaha r15_SOLVED......

Still have questions? Get answers by asking now.New here. Actually I don't post anything anywhere. This feels new. And apologies for my bad English.

It's a 4 valve cc single cylinder, liquid cooled, fuel injected motorcycle. And the problem, I had a head light flickeringever since I got the new headlights and the whole front portion replaced after a crash. The headlightis two separate ones for bright and dim in obvious yzf fashion. Only the dim one flickers, it flickers in the bottom gears, when revved. When switched to bright. Both comes on and stays on without any problem or flicker.

Well that's only the beginning of the story. The flicker was there and the service guys couldn't figure it out or didn't bother. It stayed like that for a year. And didn't give me any trouble.

Yamaha FZ150 Parts Catalogue

But I don't know if it was a sign of what was about to come. Then one day I felt the starter motor struggling to get the engine running. Started to rideafter just 2 miles the yellow light onboard started blipping. I turned off the engine. Tried to restart it. The yellow light kept blipping. Four times slowsix times fast. Sat there on the foot path and searched online. It saiderror code I thought Heyy it's the number of Rossiit can't be that bad I looked it up and it said fuel pump not getting enough power or something.

So I turned the ignition on and pressed the horn. Pushed itstarted, got back home.

Yamaha YZF-R15

By the next day, the battery was fully drained. Took the battery outgiven it for charging.

yamaha r15 v2 error code 46

The guy at shop asked how old was the battery, I said one year, and he said it's more than four years oldit doesn't get charged, etc. Sweet probably I have been duped by the authorized service guys another time.

Got the new battery, connected it, the bike won't start, the same tuk tuk weak cranking instead of smooth operation.

yamaha r15 v2 error code 46

Again yellow light blipping, error code Pushed it ,started it. Rode it. Rode it like I stole it.

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Lights are backself start is back.The engine for the first and second iteration v2. The bore and stroke were This engine had a claimed The radiator is placed in the front of the engine with a fan behind it.

The coolant reserve is on the left side up and behind the radiator. The transmission is a return type six-speed with a constant mesh wet multi-plate clutch. The front suspension was a twin telescopic fork and the rear is a linked type single shock suspension. The bike has dual headlights like the other bikes of the YZF-R series.

For the update, the bike has a new The bore and stroke are The front suspension is now an inverted twin telescopic fork. This iteration also features assist and slipper clutch. The YZF-R15 v2.

The engine performance was largely similar, still having a six-speed transmission and a linked type single shock suspension added on the back. The v3. The retro-styled naked variation of the YZF-R15 v3. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article's tone or style may not reflect the encyclopedic tone used on Wikipedia. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Kompas Cyber Media. Retrieved 28 August International Business Times.Talking about the technical specifications, Yamaha R15 Standard houses Hide Common Features. View Discounted Paket. Yamaha R Add another motor. View R15 Price. View R25 Price. Head Light View. Technical Specifications.

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Oil Tank Capacity 1. Differentiating Features. Cruise Control Height Adjustable Seats. Honda CBRR. R15 vs CBRR. Suzuki GSX R R15 vs GSX R KTM RC R15 vs RC Yamaha Vixion R. R15 vs Vixion R. Kawasaki Z R25 vs Z Kawasaki Ninja R25 vs Ninja


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